Would you line up at an Apple Store?

Apples retail store in Tokyo’s Ginza District

Apple, currently the most valuable company in the world has stores around the globe. In Japan alone they must have 12.

You can buy their stuff anywhere. Would you line up to get into their store? These people in Tokyo’s Ginza district are.

The Secret is Out! Indian Restaurant Discovered in Tokyo! Japan TV

Indian Restaurant that was on TV gets a long line

Get on TV in Japan and you’ve got instant crowds

In Japan, if you can get on TV, for those who still watch it, you will peak interest in you or your product. Costco Japan is not particularly interesting but all the TV exposure has given them a lot of foot traffic and sales. The (bad) news is one of our favorite restaurants was highlighted in a local TV show Saturday night. That means lines of people.

Here an Indian restaurant, Andhra Kitchen, that has existed for years in Tokyo (between Ginza and Kyobashi) got on TV. The result? A line 40 people deep for lunch before opening, on a back street. interestingly enough. All those in line were locals. Bet the owner is happy! (He’s a former software guy who opened a couple restaurants in Tokyo). That location should be busy for weeks to come. But what about his other restaurant?

Same restaurant, different place, no line