From Deutschland With Love

Delivery From Koeln, Germany

Looking leisurely for 8 months, and more seriously for 3 months for an endurance road bike. Decided finally on a Canyon bicycle from Koeln (translated into Cologne in English for some reason) Germany.

Ordered on Monday Morning around lunch and received on Wednesday 1825pm. Surprised we could get it quicker than if we ordered it at a local bike shop.

Well done Canyon and well done UPS! Very impressive service for something that doesn’t fit in an envelope!

Healthy Seniors- Living Long and living strong!

Spunky guys at the Matsubushi Bike House

It’s great to get out and get some exercise in during the week. Lots of gentlemen (and some ladies too!) in Japan are out walking, cycling, or even jogging every morning.

For eternal life, we have to know Jesus as our savior. But for long life while we’re in these bodies on this earth, nothing beats the big three.

  • A good sleep every night
  • Eating natural foods (not processed food from a production facility somewhere
  • Regular exercise- that means getting your heart rate up 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes.

I will live long and strong. That’s my confession (or affirmation). What about you?

For the Mask and Creme Puff Lovers!

Fujiya Bakery In Ginza

This is a great little cake shop in Ginza, a mostly high end shopping area in central Tokyo.

Very cute what they did with their company character just outside of their shop. It seems virus fears are subsiding finally and people are getting back to normal.

Time to eat cake or one of their great cream puffs (locals call SHU KURIIMU)!

Is This Real?

Is this real?

It was very strange. Had ridden about 60km in 34 degree (C) weather. Took this picture at a rest stop. Is this real?

Was sitting at a marble ‘picnic’ table, turned to take a pic of the golf course club house along the Tone River North of Tokyo on the edge of the Kanto plain. This is an untouched picture. Look at that sky!

Gravel bike and golf!

Is it time to shrink your corporate office space?

Teams Need To Collaborate

Great quote from a corporate real estate investor today. This was the general comment idea-

Companies that make changes in their working environments due to flu fears are wasting their time. In 2-3 years, everything will be reverted back to pre-corona virus working styles.