Wait, Just a Minute, Which Watch Has More Value?

Is it really a tough decision?  Would you take an Apple Watch over a Rolex?

The Apple Watch sells for several hundred dollars.  A Rolex sells for several thousand dollars.  In 10 years, a Rolex will likely sell for several thousand dollars (at least if you bought one 10 years ago, it would still have value), or may even increase in value.  In a year or so, your Apple Watch is worth maybe $50, if that.

It is interesting how electronics drop in value so quickly, however items of high quality and demand keep their value.

What will happen to the value of the high-end watch in coming years?  No one is sure. However, we already know an Apple Series one watch is nearly worthless. How much is that first iPad we bought worth now?  Not as much as your Rolex, Omega, Cartier, or even Fossil no doubt.

We all probably need to be better stewards with what we have.  Buying things that really matter but more importantly spending time on things that count.

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