They still call it Christmas in Germany

The German Chamber of Commerce celebrated Christmas in Tokyo with great food, drink (maybe too much for a Monday night), music, and even great presents that leading international companies donated as raffle items. Wine glasses, appliances, champagne, hotel gift certificates, electronics, expensive kitchen knives, vacuum cleaners, and a lot of other classy gifts were given away to the lucky draw. It was a great event.

In the US, some say you can’t celebrate Christmas because its ‘religious’ or it might be ‘offensive’. But you can celebrate Halloween (that is also religious, of Druid origin).

When asked why some Americans are so against Christmas, one attendee said ‘Those Americans get so extreme about things’.

Christmas is a great time of the year. Yes, maybe a bit too commercialized but a great excuse to enjoy time with others. Maybe some grinches in America need to remember that.

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