Nothing Beats A Ride Before Sunrise

This shot is from along the Edo River. If you get out just a bit early, you can get a 30km ride easily.

Great to enjoy God’s Creation outside! Sometimes wish people would take better care of that Creation while it’s still under our control. Jesus is coming back soon! Do you know Him?

There won’t be any more environmental worries when God takes back the earth He temporarily entrusted to us.

Matsubushi Bike House Near Tokyo (on the Edo River)

The small town in Saitama prefecture North of Tokyo has done a good thing. Along the Edo River, there’s a nice cycling path/road that goes from the Tokyo Bay all the way up the river into the mountains. It’s a bustling with cyclists on the weekend.

Most of the little cities haven’t done much for the influx of riders that head up and down the river. This little town has building a rest area (aka parking area like they have on the expressways). It comes complete with clean and well maintained washrooms, vending machines for drinks, bike racks, air pumps, and covered places to rest. Well done Matsubushi!