Litespeed Ultimate Disc Titanium Road Bike- Assembled and Ready

It was a five month wait. The first bicycle company promised delivery but after 5 months of waiting, no light at the end of the tunnel. Switched to Litespeed (American Bicycle Group) who promised 6 to 8 week delivery. Got it in 5 weeks.

The Ti Bike is now assembled and ready for a ride. What is the best material to build a bike from from?

  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Wood maybe?

Will find out soon!

NEW DATE! -BBA Nikko Onsen Cycling Trip

8AM Meet @ Matsubushi Bike House (Map location here)
Ride to Nikko and enjoy the trip
Check in to Olive No Sato Camp in Imaichi (Nikko Area)
6PM Dinner
Rest up/Shoot the breeze

SUNDAY- 31 Oct
6AM Onsen
8AM Breakfast
9AM Depart
Enjoy Nikko – Maybe a ride to the lake or waterfall

Cost for hotel -6,000 yen/person (includes dinner, onsen, breakfast)
What to take- Usual cycling gear, towel, Cash- For Saturday lunch and your drinks along the way


What should I take? Good list of suggestions here.

Welcome To BBA Cycling

In Hokkaido a Christian mission apparently coined the term BBA or Boys Be Ambitious. For us, we don’t mind if you are a guy or a gal, so we’ll say BBA stands for “Bikers Be Ambitious”!

As our group keeps growing, we’ve decided to create a site. This site was created 17 August 2021. We’re excited about the many adventures we have from now.

Bikers Be Ambitious! Conquer those hills and kick out those KMs on the long rides.

Gucci’s Awkward Advertising

Gucci Advertising in Tokyo

Walking around any major metropolitan area you are bound to find advertising desire to be brash or at least get your attention. In Tokyo, it seems the marketing department at Gucci is attempting the same. However, in order to get people to buy your stuff, you want to appeal to them. Over the last few months the various adverts we have seen from Gucci are less appealing and more awkward. More artsy than something a shopper would want to buy or even mimic.

If you looked more closely one of the themes was a play on the Noah’s Ark story with models and animals on a deck of what looked like a ship. The recent campaign (above) seems to be a collaborative effort with animation character “Doraemon” with models wearing jeans and T-shirts.

The first look did not get your attention or appeal as stylish. Unfortunately it comes across as plain or maybe even sloppy. It maybe be time for Gucci to change their marketing strategy.

It’s strawberry season in Japan!

Strawberry Season- Matsubushi town in Saitama

It’s cold, usually just above zero degrees every day just like any Kanto plain (Greater Tokyo) area weather. For most places, berries are a June or July delight, but in Japan it’s January! Get our and enjoy a local strawberry farm. It’s the best time of the year for flavor