The Nanny Watch

Latest Apple Watch update version 7

Wow! Just what everyone wanted, an automatic hand washing detector! A nanny on your wrist. Maybe a feature better for parents with their kids?

Apple Is Now Channeling Rolex

The new Apple Watch Series 6 was announced today. Not too different from the Apple Watch Series 5… or Apple Watch Series 4, for that matter.

They’ve got many new faces that seem to channel (mimick) Rolex sport watches such as the Submariner, Explorer, and even the GMT Master with that ‘new’ face.

Watching a piece of the video announcement makes one wonder, are we running short of creativity here?

All the NBA you need!

An association picture on the side of a Japan bus

It would be nice to have the salaries of the NBA players in the USA, but seems like people don’t want to be involved in politics.

Recently, the NBA that probably really matters is the Nihon Bus Association. These guys are going places!

HAM Radio- Still Popular In Japan

Getting the Clearest Signal

With the control of the internet by the big American tech companies (Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook to some extent), you wonder if there is still a way to have freedom of communications. On the net, maybe not.,,

However, one mode of communication that allows people to talk all over the world is HAM radio. You can talk with people globally without organizations trying to tell you how to think. In fact HAM radio has become a bit of an art.

In Japan, we have many operators with not only large telescoping antennas in their yards, you’ll even find people who go to the river and other open places trying to catch a good signal.

Back In Business Tokyo

Tokyo Subway around 7pm

After months of overblown virus fears, we’re seeing people back to work and the subway cars filled. Starting to miss those empty train rides in May and June…

However, after all the damage to the economy and businesses gone bankrupt, glad to see a busy train.

From Deutschland With Love

Delivery From Koeln, Germany

Looking leisurely for 8 months, and more seriously for 3 months for an endurance road bike. Decided finally on a Canyon bicycle from Koeln (translated into Cologne in English for some reason) Germany.

Ordered on Monday Morning around lunch and received on Wednesday 1825pm. Surprised we could get it quicker than if we ordered it at a local bike shop.

Well done Canyon and well done UPS! Very impressive service for something that doesn’t fit in an envelope!

Healthy Seniors- Living Long and living strong!

Spunky guys at the Matsubushi Bike House

It’s great to get out and get some exercise in during the week. Lots of gentlemen (and some ladies too!) in Japan are out walking, cycling, or even jogging every morning.

For eternal life, we have to know Jesus as our savior. But for long life while we’re in these bodies on this earth, nothing beats the big three.

  • A good sleep every night
  • Eating natural foods (not processed food from a production facility somewhere
  • Regular exercise- that means getting your heart rate up 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes.

I will live long and strong. That’s my confession (or affirmation). What about you?