Tearing Down Buildings

As you see these buildings demolished to build new ones, I wonder with dwindling Japan birth rates… who is going to work there?

We’re in the business of building but our team, was glad to see the old building ripped down.

Welcome To Osaka

Quick trip to Osaka.  A bit different from the Tokyo feel.  The people seem to be a bit more expressive.

A bit hotter than Kanto, but the architecture, streets, and layout of the city and the public transportation looks the same.

No bright green or yellow taxis in Osaka.  They all seem to be black.

Tokyo probably rocks for great food.

But wait!  I arrive at the hotel.

Many nice things waiting in the room to welcome you in Osaka!

Wish I had some family members here to enjoy the food with.

Stomach In Your Throat

Ever had you stomach jump up to your mouth?  May sound strange, but I think that happens when you have a near tragic experience.

This morning my wife drove myself and two of my children to the station.  I was sitting in the front seat and could see everything that was happening.

The upcoming light had turned red for 2 full seconds and she continued barreling down the street ready to run the light at that busy intersection.  I could see she was going to run it.  Scary,  as I have seen a car pulverize a man on a scooter at that same intersection.  Not a good place to break the law.

I shouted, “Stop!” and thankfully she did. If she wouldn’t have, would for of us be in heaven today?  I don’t know but as I write this my stomach is still in my throat.