Is China business unbeatable in manufacturing?

That has been the thought of most of the people close to China.  Including those of us in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Seattle for that matter.

It looks like invincible manufacturing power may not the case.  We all know in sports, business, and even life, it is always safe to assume that there is someone tougher than you.  The outsourced manufacturing mantle has historically passed to the places with the lowest labor costs.  It looks like we are beginning to see that happen for China as well.

The BBC reports

China is losing its edge as the world’s cheapest place to manufacture goods, a new report suggests.

Indonesia and Bangladesh are benefiting most as rising costs in China force firms to switch production, it says.

The report by consultants KPMG says that minimum wage levels in China are now four times greater than other places in South and South East Asia.

You can read the full article here.

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