Finally, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Gets The Picture

Sometimes it take a while for us to figure it out. That likely goes for everyone.

With the constant string of Microsoft failures and the disappointing stock price, Ballmer has finally decided to throw in the towel. Analysts have been calling for this for some time. It’s the way the market works.

Will Steve’s exit speed up a Microsoft recovery? We probably have to wait and see. You can see about hits and misses under Ballmer here.

Will it continue downward like Yahoo did or will a worthy leader be put in charge? We believe Microsoft is a good brand but is stifled. Innovation is discouraged and it has gone from a great place to work to an island of contractors and stiff rules. Maybe we have a miconsception?

However MS software such as the Exchange Server or Office products are not going away anytime soon. Google Apps has been sucking up some smaller sites that don’t care about privacy and being profiled but Microsoft has actually responded well with it’s hosted Exchange service called Office365.

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