Back To School, Back To Business

After a couple months of hardship for many due to the Wuhan Corona Virus threat, Japan seems to be really back online today.

Tokyo Metros Subway

Some of the larger companies may still have employees working from home a day or two a week as they have deeper pockets to finance it. However restaurants in central Tokyo that survived the unwarranted fear have opened back up. In Nihonbashi, you can see the restaurants and retailers that didn’t make it. The closed storefronts with pulled shutters is a reminder of that.

Many people are back in their offices but the biggest difference from last week is kids are back in school. It’s great to see bus loads of kids heading back to school.

We feel for the many retailers and restaurants that were forced out of business and hope. The faces of the students (mostly masked) and laughing kids voices are a reminder of the hope we can all have for a new day.

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